The object is not to gain a prize, or defeat a rival; but to pace one another on the road to excellence! 

Sir Walford Davies




The Festival Committee, in conjunction with Grampian Youth Orchestra, are delighted to present tickets for the concert on Sunday 15th June at 7.30pm at the Music Hall to four promising young performers from last week's festival.

The recipients of this award are:

Laura Gow from Albyn School who played clarinet in classes W12 and W13
Steven Lee from Cults Academy who played violin in class S7
Moray Jones from Dyce Academy who played double bass in classes S30 and S31
Inga Raynard from Harlaw Academy who played trombone in class B16

Congratulations to all!

GYO and ANESMFA hope that you all enjoy Sunday's concert, are inspired to audition for the orchestra in the future and look forward to hearing you take part in next year's festival.




The Ninety- Second  Aberdeen and North East of Scotland Festival of Music and Drama will take place from 1st to 5th June 2015.  Put it in your diary now!




Friday 6th June

 Recorder and Woodwind

 W8 Elizabeth McCall

W14 Adam H Auchie

W18AS James Allardyce

W31 Aidan Parkinson, Samuel Hill, Kirsty Oldham and Callum Adams

W30 Matthew Riddell, Amy Walker and Kai Tait

R3 joint first Tegan Jeffrey and Harry Sayers

R5 joint first Sofya Shumakova and Emma Cormack

R6 joint first Ryan Martin and Ewan Orus



P10 Matthew Crabb

P15X joint first - Amy Birse and Graeme Waterhouse 

P16X Maria Vilberg

P20X Veronika Levcuka  -  Jean G Donald prize for Bach

P21X Greta Andrijauskaite  -  Agnes Hastings Trophy

P23X William Gray  -  George Hastings Trophy

P25X Matthew Crabb

P39 William Gray and Graeme Waterhouse



Thursday 5th June

 Bowed Strings

S1a Morven Cuthill

S2a Sophie Trueman

S3 Tove Ronge

S35X Theresa and Tove Ronge

S6 Zoe Hodi

S7 Steven Lee



P9 Ngoni Masiyakurima

P19X Anna Geddes

P28X James McFarlane

P29X Ali Qureshi

P31X Patrick Shand

P32X Emily Nixon

 P33 Ali Qureshi

P37 Sara Qureshi and Rachel Birse

P38 Sara and Ali Qureshi


Recorder and Woodwind

R2 joint first Amy Rattray and Tegan Jaffrey 

R12S joint first Ryan Martin and Elizabeth McCall

R14 Harry Sayers and Katie Wilson

R15 Jamie Sayers, Katie Wilson and Harry Sayers

R21 Drumoak Primary School  - Ewen Trophy

R22 Drumoak Primary School  - Savings Bank Trophy (1)

W28 St Margaret's Saxophone Quartet - Elise Scott, Isobel Cartwright, Isla Bannister and Laila Kennedy

W29 The Auld Hoose Ensemble - Emer Cunningham, Freya Hall, Sophie Stammeijer  -  Fortescue Silver Salver

Sophie Stammeijer  -  Arion Trophy


Vocal and Choral

V28 Maicey Dukes 

V29 Alex Kelman - Pam Michie Award 

V30 Sophia Deans

V35X Rhiannon Morgan  - Jean Auchinachie Memorial Prize 

V38 joint first Plangkat and Chenhong Zhu   - both won the Scott Luke Trophy

V39 joint first Lewis Smith and Jason Kieran-Ejimadu

V53 Beth Nicholson - Crawford Douglas Cup

V56X Carly McPherson

V62X Cameron Wilson  - Jeannie Robertson Trophy

V63X Hamish Somers

V65X Rhiannon Morgan

V75X Hamish Somers  - Kathleen Stuart Quaich 

V76Xa Matthew Walker with a Very Good

V52X Sophie Stammeijer

V51X Megan Cormack

V67X Denise Panes

V69X Rhiannon Morgan 

V71X Laura Blackwood

V76Xb Melissa Allan  - Margaret Wright Memorial Trophy


Bowed Strings

S0X Andrew Birse

S1b Chiara Tan

S2b joint first Chiara Tan and Anna Frost 

S4 Tove Ronge

S5 Theresa Ronge

S8 Nathan Fenwick

S9 Amy Birse

S11 Finn Dearsley

S14 Miriam M. McDonald

S18b Ella Skinner

S21 Katy Wemyss

S23 Caitlin Strachan

S24 Laurel Renton

S25 Caroline Campbell

S28X Andrew and Amy Birse

S34X Anna Frost and Lexie Butler

S37X Anna and Beth Morrison

S39X Andrew and Amy Birse

S41X joint first - Brewmack Trio - Sophia Brew, Maria Cormack and Louise Cormack, and F.E.M.M. Quartet - Faye Addison, Eve Probart, Michaela McLean and Melissa Addison  

S51X JMF Trio - Josephine Dearsley, Michel Dearsley and Finn Dearsley

S53X Amy, Andrew and David Birse


Classical Guitar

G2X Elise Smith

G3X Elise Smith



B1 Sarah Morrison

B2 Eilidh McDiarmid

B4 Euan Darwin

B5 Harry Kilner

B8 Stephen Holland

B9 joint first Phoebe Reid and Stephen Holland

B10 Emma Snedden

B11 Emma Snedden

B15 Kerem Ustun

B16 Inga Raynard

B18 David Symmons

B19 Jack Lodge  - Cuthill Prize II

B54 Iana Murray 



Wednesday 4th June

Bowed Strings

S10X Amy Birse

S17X Dominic Adams

S26X Patrick Shand 

S27 Joseph Davison

S28 Katie Brown

S29 Keira Thomson

S30 Moray Jones

S31 Moray Jones

S32 Lai Yee Orbell



B6 Gavin Hunter

B13 Carly McCready

B22 Benjamin Hine

B23 joint first - Finn Allan and Benjamin Hine 

B24 Ross Smith

B50 joint first - Ethan Sommerville and Harry Dawson

B51 Ethan Somerville

B52 Scott Hardie

B53 Kelsey Murray   

B55 Iana Murray

B69X Broomhill Primary School



Recorder and Woodwind

W0 Emma Holroyd

W2 Stephanie Walker

W7 Elizabeth McCall

W10 Christopher Smith 

W12 Laura Gow

W13 Isla Cartney and Scott Malcolm joint first 

W15 Robert Fitch 

W16 Matthew Riddell

W17 Shreyas Nirmal

W19 Lai Yee Orbell 

W22X Emma Murray and Emily Austin 

W27 St Margarets Quartet- Lisa Riedel, Alexandra Riddell, Lisa Abraham and Isla Cartney

R7D Eilidh Barclay

R8D Shreyas Nirmal

R9D Milly Kinghorn

R9T Milly Kinghorn

R10D Benedict Stammeijer

R10T Benedict Stammeijer


P1 Piano Solo 7 and under Maeve Sibson

P2 Piano Solo 8 and under Ellie Jayne Ong

P3 Piano Solo 9 and under Enming Soh

P4 Piano Solo 10 and under Clare Graham

P5 Piano Solo 11 and under Qinyi Li

P6 Piano Solo 12 and under Elias Stammeijer

P7 Erin Macdonald

P8 Malik Liber Salloum

P11X Lina Murray

P14X Matthew Crabb

P17X Baroque Piano Solo 10 and under Theresa Ronge

P18X Baroque Piano Solo 12 and under Laura Ritchie

P22X William Gray

P27X Graeme Waterhouse

P36 Piano duet Tessa Yau and Qinyi Li

P40X Dorothea Adam and Francesca Watson



 Tuesday 3rd June

Vocal and Choral

V2X P4W Ashley Road   -  Maureen Vernal Trophy  

V4X P5/6 Broomhill Primary School  -  William Mitchell Trophy 

V5X Ferryhill Primary School Choir   -  LOAS Challenge Shield

V6X Drumoak Choir   -  the Taylor Silver Challenge Cup 

V7X  St Peter's RC School -  Silver Challenge Trophy

V8X Ashley Road School Choir  -  Saltire Society Trophy 

V9X Bridge of Don Choir  -  Lythe Trophy 

V11X Mearns Academy Junior Vocal Group - Innes Rose Bowl 

V14X The One Voice Singers  - Smith of Crowmallie Silver Challenge Trophy 

V12X Mearns Academy Senior Vocal Group 

V17X Spectrum Singers  - Peterhead Silver Challenge Shield

V21X City of Roses Chorus 

V23X Benedict Stammeijer and Elias Stammeijer 

V34 Emily Scott

V40 Elias Stammeijer 

V41X)Blair Ruxton

V55X joint first: Emily Owen and Blair Ruxton

V61X  Eilidh Bisset

V74Xa Megan Mackenzie won the Garden Trophy

V74Xb Ellie Donald 

V79X Scott School of Singing

V84X The Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet Adelines


Monday 2nd June

Vocal classes

V25X Simone Green and Willemien Erenga 

V43X Laura Blackwood

V44X Hazel M Shoebridge

V45X Megan Cormack

 V58X  Kayleigh E. Duff

V73X Brooke Mith 

V86X Anna Lawrence and Aden Mazur

Scottish Instrumental

SCO1  Cameron Smith

SCO4 Anna Frost

SCO5 Michaela McLean

SCO6 Cameron Nixon

SCO7 Freya Hall

SCO8 Freya Hall

 SCO9 Michel Dearsley

SCO10 Keira Thompson

SCO14 F.E.M.M. Quartet

SCO15 Sara Qureshi and Rachel Birse

SCO16 Aberdeen City Music School Trad Group

SCO17 Stonehaven Fiddlers

SCO18 Gina Gallacher

Recorder and Woodwind

W4 Bethan Taylor

W20X Laura Smith 

R11X Sophie Stammeijer 

R18 Sophie Stammeijer, Sanjay Vijan and Benedict Stammeijer



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